Sunday, May 8, 2011

Up Dated Still going...

Here are the finished pics

Well I'm still quilting the Wholecloth, just a few more days and it should be finished. Here are some fills I've been doing.
just under an inch

Half inch crosshatching

Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

it'sy bit'sy bubbles

Bubbles galore

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update on Whole Cloth

Here are some pics of the whole cloth in progress I'm up to crosshatching now and may I just say the freehand crosshatching on the Innova is great I'm using the Westerlee Crosshatching ruler as I didn't get a xhatch bar.

The patterns are computer assisted quilting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Links

On the right hand side I have added a new Links button where you can go directly to different sites, if there is a particular one you would like please let me know. I will add to it over time. I tried to add some digitial designs I have done (basic block fills) I am unable to add them if you would like them please email me and I'll send them too you. I hope you all have been creative this week, I am working on a commission quilt (whole cloth) which should look spectacular when it is done, I left the camera at the studio so I will post in a day or so. Share what your doing ,we all love pictures they help revive our inspiration, those who can't post send the pics to me with a blurb and I'll post it for you..Happy Quilting

Monday, April 4, 2011

Training Day

Recently, I purchased a 26" Innova Longarm with Lightening Stitch and AutoPilot. A couldn't be happier with my choice of machine. The Innova glides seamlessly across the quilt and the stitching is perfect due to the Lightening Stitch technology and it's ability to regulate the stitching at any speed.

14" table with 26" machine
Lesley MacNamara from Innova Australia and I had a lovely day learning free hand quilting on the Innova. Lesley is an excellent instructor and made learning very enjoyable. As part of the tutorial, we attached the micro handles (as shown in the picture below) and it allowed more control over the more intricate patterns. It was so comfortable I will probably use the handles for most of my work.

The handles can be positioned in different ways, This configuration was very comfortable and functional.
I have yet to master the AutoPilot and ProQ Designer and unleash a very powerful combination of tools that will enhance my longarm quilting experience. The standard of the manuals, training videos and expertise of Innova staff in Australia and the US will make that goal achievable. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 28, 2011


This blog has been created for Australian Innova owners to find support, tips & encouragement. At the moment we are few and wide spread so this place is for you.